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This page contains information and ways of getting in touch with us, so that we can quickly help you to resolve any queries. Be sure to review our FAQ, as well, for answers to common questions.

My survey experienced an error before I could finish. How can I finish it?

We’re very sorry that your survey experienced an error. We appreciate you getting in touch to finish.
Please complete this form so that we can identify your survey and help you to finish it.
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It has been more than 8 weeks since I completed my survey. Why haven’t I received my honorarium?

On rare occasions, these emails might land in your email spam folder. Please check your spam folder to ensure your gift card pick up emails haven’t landed there.
If you find any emails from us in your spam folder, please shift them to your inbox to help ensure that you never miss a message in the future.
You will receive two emails from us to pick up your honorarium. The first will contain a gift card pickup link. The second (usually sent within one hour after the first email) will contain a username and password to claim your honorarium. We separate these for your security and to ensure delivery.
If you still believe your honorarium has not been delivered, please complete this form and our customer service team will review and respond to you directly.
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I could not confirm my identity using the authentication code sent to my phone. Will I still get my honorarium?

We confirm each respondent’s identity so that we can protect your privacy and confidentiality, and ensure that we will be able to deliver your honorarium.
If the authentication code sent to your phone does not work, we may call or text the number you provided for verification.
In the event we cannot verify your identity, you may not be eligible for a honorarium.
Please refer to the Research Terms and Conditions for more information.

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